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What Is A Pharmacy On Demand (PODS)?

PODS is a network of licensed pharmacists throughout the United States that are available on short notice to supplement your internal team in various clinical tasks. As a sister company to IND Consulting, PODS was created to deploy highly skilled, experienced pharmaceutical professionals across the US. We employ licensed pharmacists with a wide range of expertise and experience to give you the best service possible. Our pharmacists are skilled in long stern care, hospital, and retail pharmacy work.

What Is A Pharmacy On Demand (PODS)?

How Can PODS Help Me?

The PODS management team has over 60 years of Healthcare Industry experience to ensure you are getting the most experienced help available. As busy as the world is, not every company can afford to staff pharmacists full-time to complete small jobs during peak times. PODS can help by supplying pharmacists on demand to avoid HR hassles and the time spent hiring, training, and supervising in-house staff members.

Our PODS team can help by:

  • Alleviating Backlogs

  • Help Service Daily Demand Peaks

  • Provide Clinicians That Are Licensed In Your State

  • Your Clinician Will Have Skill Sets Matched To Your Pharmacy Needs

  • Allow For Flexibility and Fast Responses To Your Specific Needs

What Features Does PODS Have?

By using PODS, you not only get a licensed pharmacist to help with various tasks your current staff cannot get to, you will also get to take advantage of these great features:

Data Security - IND’s PODs Uses Secure Encryption Software & Monitoring Capabilities To Keep Your Data Safe.

Daily Queue Coverage - Our Team Keeps A Strict Commitment To Workflow & Processes To Ensure We Have Appropriate Staffing For Your Needs.

New Facility Verification - Full-time and Temporary Verification Of Orders

Multi-Term Pharmacists - IND’s PODs Has Multi-Term Pharmacists With Flexible Agreements

Regulatory Compliance - To Ensure 100% Satisfaction, All Pharmacists Abide By All Federal, State, and Local Regulations.

Scheduling Convenience - PODs Offers Flexible Staffing Times & Partial Shifts To Balance Workloads

Reduce Cost - Keep Labor Costs Low While Maintaining High-Quality Service

Process For Precision - We Can Help Improve The Accuracy Of Your Orders While Increasing Your Patient Safety

Efficiency Focused - Lastly, PODs Can Help Your In-House Staff Improve Productivity & Efficiency.


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