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Save Time & Money with IND Data Entry

As your Business Process Partner, IND Consulting offers a unique selection of resources to help your business save up to 50% on labor costs while delivering high-quality results. IND will custom-design a team specifically dedicated to your project. This will include specific training and experience to help meet and exceed the scope of your operational needs.

Save Time & Money with IND Data Entry

What Are The Benefits Of IND’s Data Entry Services?

With IND’s data entry services, you will get a wide range of benefits that will help save time, money, and improve the quality of your company’s work.

IND’s Data Entry team can precisely execute the following tasks:

  • New Orders, Admissions, Refills.

  • Refill Too Soon and Fax Processing.

  • Request for Refills Processing.

  • Medical Records / Monthly Edits.

  • Census processing and Cash Posting.

  • Emergency Drug Kit Charges.

  • Delivery Ticket Association.

  • Document Imaging Queue Management.

  • Document Linking Projects.

What Are The Features Of IND’s Data Entry Services?

At IND, we take great pride in our Data Entry staff and their high level of accuracy. IND’s Data Entry team will offer the following features:

  • Our qualified employees are at work 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • We have proven expertise in FrameworkLTC, FrameworkECM, QS1, Docutrack, Prodigy, SuiteRx, RNA, HBS, RX30, OnBase, Yardi, SigmaCare, PointClickCare and many others.

  • 98% Guaranteed Service Level Agreement standards & proven 98% rate of perfection.

  • 24/7, 365 days a year, IND’s global data centers are at work for you.

  • ISO 9001 directly-audited processes.

  • Fortune 500 level resources to any size business.

Data Entry Services From IND Consulting

IND Consulting is the solution if your company wants to save time and money with data service tasks. Avoid hiring, training, and supervising new team members to handle small, mundane


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